The face, which carries the sensory organs, forms the majority of the aesthetic of the person and is the most noticeable part of the body, unfortunately it is one of the most injured organs. These injuries can lead to tissue and organ loss, shape and function disorders and sometimes bleeding to the respiratory tract can be life-threatening due to accompanying head trauma. All tissues should be repaired as soon as possible in accordance with their anatomy. In this way, it is possible to avoid possible malformations and excessive traces. If tissue deficiencies are present, they must be repaired with parts removed from the body.


The treatment of fractures of the face bones (lower jaw, upper jaw, cheek bone, nose bones) that can occur due to traffic accidents, falls, work and sports injuries, beating is very important in terms of both face appearance and important functions. For example, jaw bones fractures affect talking and chewing, nose fractures affect breathing, eye region fractures affect seeing negatively. The purpose of providing plates and screws, arch bars fixing the teeth, hangers and in some cases external hanging fixtures is to detect and immobilize the broken parts.

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