The parotid gland which is the largest of the salivary glands is located just in front of the ear. Two lobes, superficial and deep, are separated by facial sinus. Their own tumors can metastasize to the lymbh nodes in the parotid glands in scalp, forehead and some tumors in the air as well. Any swelling that is seen in the patient’s ear without a complaint or under examination in the ear under the earlobe should suggest a parotid tumor.

The treatment is surgery, depending on the placement and diagnosis of the tumor, the parotid superficial lobe or both lobes must be removed. During this procedure, the face is protected. If the malignant tumor has spread to the nerve, the nerve is removed during surgery and the nerve taken form the other part of the body is provided with continuity of the facial nerve. Parotid tumors with high malignancy potency may metastasize in the lymph nodes and in such cases, surgery for the lymph nodes should be performed.

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