Skin graft surgeries are the operations realized generally by the cosmetic surgeons and by transplantin the skin from one part of the body, to another part which lacks the skin. It is a very useful method for healing the open wounds. If the blood and tissue have developed in an amount enough to keep the skin patch on the wound, a skin graft can be applied on it. Skin grafts are classified as thin, thick or complete thick according to their thickness. The wound where the skin has been taken, gets healed automatically. If a full-thickness skin has been taken, it is necessary to place a thinner skin patch taken from elsewhere or to cover the region where the full-thickness skin has been taken by stitching. Areas where the the skin patches are applied, are open wounds due to accidents, burns and removal of tumors. Some wounds can not be covered only with skin patches, which may require more complicated surgical procedures. In some cases it may be necessary to use dressing changes and alternative methods for a while to make the wound to contain the skin patch.

In some cases it may be possible for the wound to heal itself, but it may take a very long time and skin grafting to that region may be considered to be unhealthy and bad for the scar that will form in this region.

After the area where the skin is taken is prepared, the skin pieces are taken with the help of blades called dermatomes and skin is applied to the relevant areas. The dressing mustn’t be open for a while. Such a case differs from one patient to another. While some wounds could stay for a long time without opening, others must be opened since the 3. day at the early phase.

If the patient has significant illnesses and medications that he or she has used in the past, they should be notified to the doctor.


Graft applications can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. The type of anesthesia to be performed depends on the general condition of the patient, the region to which the graft will be applied, the width of the wound and the age of the patient.

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