Carpal tunnel is a tunnel that main nerves of the hand and wrists pass through. The pressure inside tunnel can increase because of overusing, diseases such as rheumatoid, edemas during pregnancy, injuries or after repeater moves. This pressure increase on nerve inside the tunnel usually causes an electrification feeling accompanied by pain, damaged hand function or numbness. These complaints usually point out as carpal tunnel syndrome.

In some cases, splinted hand and anti-inflammatory medicine will solve the problem. If that does not work, surgery may be required.

In surgery, the surgean makes an incision from the center of the palm to the wrist. In addition, repairing with reduced traces and endoscopic carpal tunnel repair method are also used. Later, to decrease the pressure, tissues that applies pressure to nerves are cut.

After surgery, the movement is restricted by dressing and using the splint, so that healing is accelerated. The surgical track will gradually disappear and become difficult to see.

The results of surgery are partly based on how far the situation has been and how much damage has been done to the nerve.  Ameliyatın sonuçları kısmen durumun ne kadardır var olduğuna ve sinirin ne kadar zarar görmüş olduğuna bağlıdır. So if you think that you may have carpal tunnel syndrome, it would be a good idea to consult a doctor early on.

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