People who complain of wrinkleson the skin, drooping, stains can improve their mages with non-surgical facial aesthetic applications. At the same time, nasal forms, eyebrow structures, facial contours, bucket ears problem can be corrected with non-surgical facial aesthetic applications.


Facial aesthetic without surgery offers a great opportunity for people who want to improve the appearance of their face but who are reluctant to surgery or whose general health status is not suitable for surgical operations. The minimally invasive nature of the interventions allows the maximum comfort of the people during these procedures.

Facial aesthetic applications without surgery are performed after application of creams with local anesthetic effect on skin. In other words, the patient is not exposed to the effects of general anesthesia.

After facial aesthetic applications without surgery, the patient can return to daily life rapidly. Since the incision is not performed on the skin and the patient does not have general anesthesia, the daily life after the procedure is not distrupted. The methods are very practical and fast. Particularly those who are working lives can do facial aesthetics without surgery even during lunch. In this way, their lives will not be interrupted.

The results of applications after facial aesthetic without operation are observed rapidly. The patient can reach ideal vision immediately or within days. Because of the minimal intervention, the duration of the healing is very short after the application of facial aesthetics without surgery and the side effects can occur very low levels or no side effects at all.

When facial aesthetics without surgery are performed by specialist surgeons, they also come to the forefront with high success rates. Surgeons who understand the patient’s expectations, examine the skin structure and analyze the proportion of all organs of the face offer solutions that will increase the patient’s satisfaction.


Ultrasonic Face and Neck Strecth: Ultrasonic face stretching application that stimulates the production of collagen by reaching to the lower layers of the skin by sound waves and tightens the skin by this way is an application that reduces wrinkles and strengthens the connective tissue of the skin. In this method applied successfully around jowl, neck, face, face contour, jaw line and eyes, the sound waves reach to the specified skin depth and therefore there is no dame to the surface of the skin. Alon with the change from person to person, there is a significant improvement in the appearance of the individual after one session of treatment.

Nasal Aesthetic Without Surgery: Removing the nasal tip by lightly lifting the tip of the nose and resolving the problem of nasal contour, nasal contour adjustments, removal of the volumetric voids in the nose possible with non-operative filling applications. The filling method that must be applied after facial analysis of the patient results in very successfully. For those who are generally satisfied with the shape of the nose but want to further improve the appearance of the nose, the non-surgical nasal aesthetic offers a great advantage.

Ear Aesthetic with Thread: Ear aesthetic with rope offers comfortable solutions to people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their ears. During this practice without bruising, the special surgical threads are passed under skin to remove the scoop image of the ears. This practice in not very effective in radical problems.

Face Strecthing with Thread: In this method, which is used to correct facial contours and eliminate skin sagging, special surgery is carried out under the skin using scissors. A simple face stretching application, which is used for facial contour correction feature signalization, is also used for eyebrow lifting.

Filler and Botulinum toxin: Botulinum toxin and filler, which are the most commonly used methods for removing skin wrinkles, mimic traces and potholes, practical and easy non-surgical facial aesthetic applications that results in a fast way. It can be used for shaping the lips, improving the nose shape or reducing the wrinkles wrinkles and clarifying the cheeckbones.

Although facial aesthetic applications without surgery are considered as easy and practical applications, the planning stages need to be done sensitively. The main purpose is to have a younger and a more natural look.

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