Jawbone fractures are usually formed by external impact and bring along loss of teeth and fractures on other areas.

In order to achieve fracture line, cut will be applied in mouth or over skin. Besides, if it’s necessary to transfer tissue or bone from another area, the surgeon in charge inform and cut another area. The fracture will be treated and determined by following:

Titanium  plaques and/or screws

Dissoluble plaques and/or screws

Wire suture

Metal arc and orthodontic braces applied on teeth

External fixator (external determination device)

Bones from another area

Bones, cartilage, bone paste, bone meal from another person.

Silicon, porous hydroxyapatite, methyl methacrylate, titanium mesh kind of alloplastic materials.

If these don’t stir up trouble, they will stay forever. In the case of problems occur, second surgery operation will be required to remove them.


In the circumstances of surgical operating theatre, general anesthesia applied but according to fracture, also sedation and local anesthesia may be required.

Anesthesiologist’s evaluation will be demanded preoperatively.

Duration of surgery differ according to fractures and other pathologies level.


Your mouth may be swell and probably within the first 24 hours, blood may be leaks from the cıts in mouth. There will be swelling and purpleness on your face and cheeks. These swellings and purpleness may be increase according to patients features. In order to prevent swellings in mouth and cheeks, raise your head with 2 or 3 pillows.

You generally come out of hospital within 1 or 2 days following the surgery. This is depending how you feel, how is your water retention and do you need intravenous liquid nutrition. In some cases, you can come out of hospital same day.

In order to keep fracture line stationary, splints can be used for your teeth. This devices helps to protect surgical area and keeping you chin still as well as providing recovery. Splints can be vary and discussed before the surgery.

Oral hygiene provides the recovery and it is highly important. Plase gargle your mouth after every meal with lots of water and use given disinfectant solution as you doctor said. After 3 or 4 days, you can use pediatric toothbrush (soft and small). Keep the toothbrush from your effected area.

Nutrition is important postoperatively as well. Generally, approximately 10 weeks you should feed without chewing. At least 7 or 10 days after surgery, you should just consume liquid foods. Your doctor is going to inform you regarding the matter. Not chewing is important with regards to chin recovery and graft area. Excessive moves on this area can damage your recovery process. Your doctor also helps you about how to nourished. Don’t forget the importance of sweetenings and aromas because they can change the appearance of foods. Don’t hesitate to try different spices. But prevent irritating ones such as pepper and hot sauce.

We suggested you to use prescribed solution dilute with water and use for 7 or 10 days. Besides,  you should use given vaseline for your lips regularly.

After surgery, for a certain period you will take antibiotics. Please take you pills as prescribed and regularly. It is important in order to avoid infection development.

The stitches in your mouth is can be melting. There is no need to special care besides keeping them clean. In order to avoid bacterias it is important to keep you mouth clean. If there are stitches on your skin, they will removed after 5 or 7 days.

At least 2 weeks you will far from school. If you feel good enough to go to the school, it will take at least 2-3 weeks. Don’t forget to take your solution and liquid foods while going to the school.

You should have wire cutter scissors. If you feel laboured breathing or sickness you should cut the wires immediately.

Postoperative depression (despondency and being under the weather) is very common. This depression is relating with appearance and fear, restriction on activities. This feelings disappear when the appearance become more normal and back to daily activities.

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