Laser Lipolysis

Laser Lipolysis used for regional fat deposition, skin loosening and body shaping is an application which is performed by exploding the fat cell membranes with the laser beam and is included in the field of aesthetic surgery. Laser Lipolysis (Liposuction), which can remove up to 6 – 7 liters of fat at a time, is a method that gives very effective results in body regions with low or medium fat deposition.

The laser Lipolysis method does not only puncture the membranes of the fat cells, but also triggers the disintegration and reconstruction of the connective tissues and collagens which lose their elasticity. This increases the efficiency of laser lipolysis in the body shaping phase. Body sagging is not usually seen after application, but surgeons will share all possibilities with patients during the examination.

Laser Liposuction, which is applied to different body parts such as hip, waist, abdomen, double chin and inner legs, inner thighs, legs and face, punctures the membranes of the fat cells and disrupts their integrity, and then the fats of the region are thrown out from the body with the help of fine cannulas or naturally by the body.

How is Laser Lipolysis Performed?

The laser liposuction procedure, which should be performed in sterile environments, is applied under local anesthesia. The membranes of the fat cells are punctured after the application of the laser to the fat deposition region. The released fat is removed via cannulas or is expected to be thrown out of the body without intervention.

It can be said that this application is very comfortable since the people can return to their daily lives immediately after laser lipolysis. The fat cells in the laser lipolysis region are damaged and do not reoccur. However, this does not mean that you will not gain weight after laser lipolysis. Different cells can get fat and swollen again; therefore, it is recommended that the patient should control her/his weight, although the laser lipolysis application can be repeated.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Lipolysis?

One of the most important advantages of laser lipolysis method is to perform it under local anesthesia. There is no formation of bruising on the skin or slight bruises may occur depending on the skin structure after the application. Once the method is applied, people can return to their daily lives; they do not have to stop their education or business life. The method is as comfortable as practical as there is no ache or pain during application.

Laser lipolysis is an approach to reduce fat, but this method should not be used for weight loss. Laser lipolysis is not preferred when there is a lot of fat deposition. It should not be forgotten that the main purpose of the method is to shape the body and reduce the middle level of fats.

Although laser lipolysis is a minimally invasive procedure, it is a surgical procedure. Thus, it must be performed by aesthetic surgeons. Laser lipolysis by expert surgeons improves the results of people and ensures the reliability of the procedure.

Considerations after Laser Lipolysis

After laser lipolysis, corset should be used even though it is shorter than conventional liposuction method. This period should be considered as a minimum of one week, depending on the patient and the body area being treated. The use of corset should not be neglected in order to recover the skin after the fat cells are punctured and stick the skin with the subcutaneous tissue. Surgeons will decide how much time to use the corset.

Edema may occur after the procedure. Massage is given to the region to go down edema. Thus, the effects of the procedure can be removed in a shorter time.

There is no restriction to daily activities, but when the patient feels good s/he can return to her/his daily life. People, who do high tempo and heavy sports, should consult their surgeons before beginning training programs.

Plenty of water should be drunk and fed with foods that relieve digestion after the application.

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